• Pocketalker 2.0 Personal Sound Amplifier PKT E1

    The Pocketalker 2.0 amplifies sound clearly and easily for better understanding

    Looped venue listening – TV listening – 1 on 1 conversation – Small group listening – Conversations in the car – In fact perfect for wherever you need amplified sound.

    If you are looking for an “out-of-the-box” hearing assistance solution that offers a quality product at an affordable cost, then the Pocketalker 2.0 is for you

  • iLuv Times Shaker WOW

    TimeShaker WOW Alarm Clock

    TimeShaker Wow is a dual alarm clock with a jumbo 1.4” LED display and a 3 level super-strong wired vibrating shaker for heavy sleepers and people who suffer from deaf/hearing loss.

    This alarm clock also features a 3 bright LED alert lights, a built-in USB charging port, and an alert sound that can reach up to 120 decibels.

  • SoundBuddy portable speaker kit with bodypack transmitter

    The voice amplification solution for Teachers – Presenters – Tour Guides – Out Doors – In Doors – Music – Story Telling – Theaters – Group Gatherings – Karaoke

    In fact, if you need to amplify your voice, The SoundBuddy is your new Best Friend and Soul Mate.

    If you’re a teacher, music instructor, aerobic instructor, aquatic instructor, trade show presenter, athletic coach, or tour guide operator, make your voice go further with significantly less effort!

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    Assistive Listening Devices

    For more than 30 years, we have helped millions of hard-of-hearing individuals gain back their independence, confidence, and relationships with loved ones with our variety of assistive listening devices. From amplified listening products, alerting systems, and special needs communication systems, you can regain a normal life again at a price you can afford.

    Personal Sound Amplification for seniors

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    Hearing amplification for seniors

    Keep smiling with new devices!

    We know that good design means good business.

    We help others because that’s the way we want to be treated. And helping people regain their quality of life is simply something you can’t put a price on. Your online business and continued support are greatly appreciated! Feel free to contact us anytime with questions, comments, and ideas.

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    Benefits of Assistive Listening Devices

    When you have a problem with your hearing, it eventually affects all other areas of your life. It could be that you don’t hear someone knocking on the door with an important delivery or deciding not to participate in team meetings because you’re not sure what everyone is saying.

    It can be embarrassing to ask for help or to constantly ask people to slow down and repeat what they said. It can be incredibly isolating, but you don’t have to suffer any more thanks to assistive listening devices. Much more affordable than hearing aids, assistive listening devices are the gateway back to living a normal life. With a variety of devices that are lightweight and easy to use, you can finally hear better, feel more confident, and get back to living life without fear or embarrassment!

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