Pocketalker Ultra – Personal Sound Amplifier by Williams Sound


A personal sound amplifier that not only improves your hearing, but also your quality of life!

The Pocketalker Ultra by Williams Sound is the perfect solution when you need help hearing those important conversations around you, but don’t want to spend thousands on hearing aids.

This personal sound amplifier enhances just the important sounds closest to you while reducing pesky background noise. A great solution when you want to hear about your family’s day at the dinner table or don’t want to bother others by turning the volume up too high on the TV.

The Pockettalker Ultra features a lightweight, ergonomic design for portability and ease of use. The finger tip adjustable volume control allows you to quickly adjust to your listening environment – whether your hearing loss is low frequency or high-frequency sounds.

The listening accessories jack accommodates a variety of earphone and headphone options, so you can pick what is the most comfortable for you. The Pockettalker Ultra can also be used with an optional neckloop (NKL001) to amplify a telecoil-equipped hearing aid.

At an affordable price compared to traditional hearing aids and with so many options for earbuds and headsets, you can finally hear better, feel more confident, and start interacting with family and friends again without the fear of embarrassment from hard of hearing.

The Pockettalker Ultra from ALDS Australia comes complete with the EAR 013 single earbud and a HED 021 headset for your listening pleasure.

See other Earpiece and Headphone options under Earphones & Head Phones Section

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Pocketalker Ultra – Personal Sound Amplifier by Williams Sound

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