Water Removal Strips


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Brand: Bionix

20 Strips PER Package

AfterSwim is intended to remove water from the ear canal quickly and safely.

AfterSwim strips are also great for removing excess water after flushing out ears with the Bionix Wax / Cerumen removal kits

AfterSwim is used for removing water from the ear canal.

Also used for removing excess water during cerumen removal procedures

If ear pain occurs, please see your physician.

1. Remove a single blue AfterSwim from its package.
2. Insert one of the ends of AfterSwim into the ear and hold it in place for 10 seconds.
3. Remove the AfterSwim from the ear. If water is still in the ear, rotate the AfterSwim and insert the dry tip into the ear.
4. Hold the AfterSwim in the ear for 10 seconds.
5. Remove the AfterSwim from the ear and discard.
6. If water remains in the ear, repeat the process with a new AfterSwim until the water is removed.

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Water Removal Strips

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