E-A-RLink 3C Insert Eartips – Jumbo (24 / bag)


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E-A-RLink 3C Insert Eartips – Jumbo (24 / bag)

  • Disposable, single-use foam eartip with black tube for use with E-A-RTONE 3A and 5A Insert Earphones
  • 3C Yellow are Large, Jumbo Size – 1/2 inch height, 17.8mm diameter
  • Latex-free
  • Made from the same foam material as 3M Classic Yellow or Beige earplugs which have been on the market for over 30 years and extensive toxicological testing has been performed to support the conclusion that they are safe
  • By directly coupling to the test subject’s ear canal, via E-A-RLink eartips, E-A-RTONE insert earphones for audiometric testing provide both performance and reliability advantages over traditional supra aural earphones
  • Benefits (in comparison to supra aural/TDH style earphones) include:
    • Improved ambient noise attenuation
    • Greater interaural attenuation
    • Facilitated infection control (via disposable eartips)
    • Elimination of collapsed canal artifact
    • Better Test/Re-test reliability
    • Reduced occlusion effect for BC testing

Available in a bag of 24 eartips

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E-A-RLink 3C Insert Eartips – Jumbo (24 / bag)

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