Bone Conduction Headphones with Bluetooth


Hear without covering your ears!

Listen through the bone in front of your ears which allows you to “leave” your ears open to continue to hear the sounds around you.

Wireless comfortable bone conduction bluetooth enabled headphone lets you listen to music from any bluetooth transmitting device such as your iPod, MP3 player, iPhone etc.

Wirelessly carry on phone conversations with any bluetooth transmitting cell phone or tablet using the Bone HSBT headset.  The headset has a builtin microphone to pick-up your voice and you can hear the incoming caller safelt and securely.

Connect the ClearSounds Qlink (sold separately) to your home TV or Stereo and wirelessly send the signal to the Bone HSBT headset

Connect the ClearSounds QH2 hub (sold separately) to your office or home phone and carry on wireless hands free communication on the phone.  Yet you ears are still free to hear what is happening around you.

Your Bone HSBT kit comes complete with the headset, a USB charger cable and carry sack

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Bone Conduction Headphones with Bluetooth

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