Bionix Otoclear Ear Wax Removal Irrigator


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Brand: Bionix
  • Effective and easy – Water is dispersed at a safe 30 Degree angle towards the ear canal walls; 3 streams of water generate a whirlpool effect flushing out wax with more movement and volume; simple to use with one hand, refill as often as needed
  • Safe – bionix flare-tip design makes it impossible to over-insert into ear; will not push wax further into ear
  • Clear ear with water – Stay clean and dry with exit portals; no risk of water pressure buildup
  • Clear ear with just air – Use as an air bellow to dry ear canal to prevent infection
  • Made in the USA

Ear wax and its purpose

Ear wax is not “dirty” or somehow unsanitary. This misinformed belief leads some patients to desire ear cleaning on a regular basis. Contrary to popular belief, ear wax or “cerumen” is a normal substance that the body produces to clean, protect, and lubricate ears. Dirt and dust stick to the ear wax, which prevents those harmful substances from moving deeper into the ear canal. As a person chews and as new skin sells grow in the ear canal, the old wax is slowly pushed toward the ear opening where it flakes off or is washed away. It is a continual process.

When is ear wax a problem?

Ear wax is a problem when it becomes impacted; that is, when it blocks the ear canal and the patient experiences negative symptoms:

  • Ear pain or pressure
  • Fullness in the ear
  • Hearing loss

When impaction is identified, there are a few methods readers can try at home before heading to the doctor.

Safe, effective impacted cerumen treatments:

  • Irrigation with an ear-cleaning kit, such as with OtoClear® Ear Wax Removal
  • Manual removal of cerumen
  • Use of agents that soften or breaks up the wax, such as water or saline

Unsafe, ineffective impacted cerumen treatments:

  • Ear candling or Ear coning (which are alternative medicine practices)
  • Cotton swabs (or insertion of similar objects into the ear)

If the first attempt to resolve impacted ear wax at home is not successful, the patient should visit a medical practitioner who has specialized equipment and training.

Ear irrigation with OtoClear® Ear Wax Removal Tool

Bionix Health at Home is proud to sell an ear-cleaning tool that is deemed as safe and effective by the new guidelines. OtoClear® Ear Wax Removal uses an irrigation technique that sprays water toward the sides of the ear canal, instead of directly toward the ear drum. Three streams of water are shot at a 30° towards the ear canal walls. The streams swirl together to create a whirlpool effect, knocking cerumen loose and allowing it to flow out of the ear opening.

Unlike unsafe cotton swabs, which can be over-inserted into the ear and cause damage or hearing loss, the OtoClear® tip is tapered so it can only go in so far. Plus, once enough ear wax is removed, the OtoClear® bellows can be used without water to dry the ear and prevent infection.

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Bionix Otoclear Ear Wax Removal Irrigator

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