1 way, Personal Communication System


Now includes New! DLR 60 2.0 receivers.

One-way, digital technology that makes it easier to hear in everyday situations by reducing background noise and compensating for poor room acoustics or distance from the sound source. Beneficial for an array of personal listening scenarios—from conversations around the coffee table to hearing every word of your favorite TV program. Simply place the DLT 100 2.0 near the sound source.

System Includes

(1) DLT 100 2.0 transceiver*
New! (1) DLR 60N 2.0 receiver**
(1) BAT 010-2 AAA alkaline batteries
(1) MIC 090 lapel mic
(1) EAR 041 earphone
(1) CCS 044 silicone skin
(1) CCS 043 system carry case
*Each DLT-100 2.0 is packaged with an individual charger.

**Rechargeable batteries optional for DLR 60N 2.0 receiver (BAT 022-2) – sold separately.

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Make it Favorite

1 way, Personal Communication System

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